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The day of love is the best day in the world. The air is filled with hope and romance. Hours and minutes pass quickly and moments seem as light as a feather. The new Avenger by Breitling Avenger Replica reflects this feeling of love awakening. The new ladies' watch dial is soft and playful, featuring diamond-set rod indexes with lilac Arabic numbers at the heart. The Avenger, which is limited to 25 pieces, adds another feminine masterpiece in the Lady Collection.

Romantic elementsThe new Avenger dial combines romantic and classic elements in an elegant ensemble. The dial is handcrafted in mother-of pearl and immediately grabs attention, particularly the Arabic numerals, which are drawn in delicate shades of lilac, as they radiate from the dial's edge. The dial was printed from behind so that the colour shines through and mother-of-pearl sparkles evenly. The numerals in the center form a heart. This is surrounded by nine rod indexes containing 18 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The cheap Breitling Avenger Replica dial is made from the inner layer seashells in the watchmaker¡¯s Pforzheim dial factory. It is mounted on a thin, German-silver disc to protect it from breaking.

Its elaborately made moon disc, also from Pforzheim, is what gives the moon phase display its unique appearance. First, the two silver-coloured moons must be cut with a milling machine. The moons' surfaces are then polished using a diamond milling device, giving them a unique brilliance. You can only see the special feature of this display when you look closely. These little hearts, which act as a symbol of love, take up residence in the night sky.

The hour, minute, and small seconds are placed off-centre on the left side of the dial in classic Pano style. On the right, you will find the Breitling Panorama Date at 4, and the moon phase at 2. The Arabic numerals are also arranged in different sizes, taking up the asymmetrical design of the dial.

Sparkling accentsThe bezel creates a glamorous frame to the stainless steel case. It is adorned with 64 brilliant-cut, diamonds. The dial's coloured accents are complemented by a matching strap made of alligator leather in purple. This limited-edition Avenger is a romantic and elegant addition to the already successful product line. The line's models are stunning, whether they're sparkling with rubies and radiant in delicate blue mother of pearls.

Fine ornaments for the heart Breitling's duplex swan neck fine adjustment is a hallmark feature. It also features many other traditional Glashutte elements such as the three quarter plate, blued screws, and distinctive Glashutte decorative finishes. The watch has a frequency of oscillation of 4 Hz, and a 42-hour power reserve.

The high quality Breitling Avenger Replica is a limited edition of 25 pieces that makes Valentine's Day even more special.

Breitling ReplicaBreitling Avenger ReplicaBreitling Bentley ReplicaBreitling Bentley Flying B ReplicaBreitling Bentley GT 44mm Replica

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